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Good Morning folks!

We are considering some changes to the days of the week for the online market.

Truthfully, We have not had a bunch of luck getting more than a few orders a week and at this point, it is not economically sound to continue on the schedule we are currently on. We would very much like to continue offering the online market as a service and convenience to our area, so we are considering moving our pickup day to saturday during brewery hours. This way we will be open, and staff will be on hand to assist customers with orders. We would likely open ordering Monday thru Thursday for Saturday pickup.

We realize that many of you already sell at farmers markets on Saturday, but we are really hoping this just extends your sales on Saturdays rather than causes any issues.

For farmers and producers, we will continue to provide the halfway pickup in Russellville, but may have to change the location to accommodate, but we’re willing to do that.

Now’s the time to voice opinions etc…you can do so by replying to this email!

Thanks all…we really hope to be able to continue this market in a way that sustains everyone involved!!

Liz Preston
Online Market Mgr