Bar C Family Farm

We are a small family farm that has hogs, chickens, large garden and we make several homemade breads. We try to be as natural as possible without endangering our animals. Our animals are fed apple cider vinegar as a natural antibiotic. We special order an all-natural feed that uses organic selenium to increase their immunities. It is milo based rather than corn based as most feeds. Our hogs are fed with scraps only from the garden. They are on grass and of course mud and rotated seasonally for pesticide control. We don’t slop or feed extra corn. Our chickens free range on rotational grass crops over 6 acres. Our eggs are collected and washed daily. In our garden we try not to use pesticides if at all possible mainly for the reason that our children eat directly from the garden so pesticides would not be conducive to eating out of the garden safely. Our breads are made with no preservatives and with real butter. We make them so they are as healthy as possible and made fresh on market day. We have children that are very sensitive to preservatives and MSGs so all of our food produced on our farm is designed for our family to receive the best nutrition.

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