Viney Creek Farm

Website: www.vineycreekfarm.com

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We have a dairy goat farm in Dover, AR. We breed and show high quality nigerian dwarf dairy goats. We love these little goats and ours are pampered pets with large pastures and toys to play on. This makes for happy, healthy, productive little goats. We freshen them early spring and milk them all spring and through summer. Our goats produce a fabulous quality milk that is very rich and sweet. This breed of goat is sometimes called “cheese goats” because the butterfat in their milk is nearly twice that of cow’s milk and higher than any other goat breed. This rich milk makes fantastic soap! So while we do drink and cook with our milk, the majority of it goes to making soap. We make and sell high quality goat milk soap that we think you’ll love. We use 100% goat milk in every batch and use only the highest quality ingredients in every soap. I am a firm believer that you only get out of a product what you put into it and I believe it makes for a superior product in the end.

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